Pricing + Services


Services starting at $50/hour.

We may be able to arrange a flat rate or retainer instead of hourly pricing for your project.

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Financial Models and analytics

$200-$300/hour — Our financial models turn complex, disparate data into powerful tools that you can use to make informed decisions about the future of your organization. The price varies based on the quantity and quality of data, as well as the level of analysis that you need the model to perform.

Reports and dashboards

$200-$300/hour — We will build you a tool  to easily generate essential reports about your organization's finances and other key performance indicators. We will compare your results against benchmarks to help you stay on track. The price varies based on the size and complexity of the project.


$200-$300/hour — Get honest feedback from your employees or community members.  We work with you to create custom survey text and format, administer the survey, collect and analyze the data, and craft presentations for relevant audiences. The price varies based on the size of the survey and the level of analytics required. 

market research

$150-$300/hour — We will assess the industry landscape, gather competitive intelligence, analyze your current and prospective customer base, and identify market opportunities to ensure that you can make decisions with confidence.

Strategic planning

$200-$300/hour — Understand your organization´s operational data, business model, and finances at a deeper level. We test your assumptions and guide you through possible scenarios as you work toward sustainability and growth. This service is typically combined with one of the services listed above. 

Fractional CFO / financial planning and analysis

$1,500/day - $6,500/week — Get your finances in order with our fractional CFO service. Our primary internal expertise is in financial planning and analysis, with some aspects of accounting and investor relations. Ideal for startups and companies in transition that don't currently need a full-time CFO. 

pitch decks and presentations

$50-$100/hour, $200 minimum — Impress potential investors, board members, or conference attendees with a professional presentation. You provide the text, and we provide a custom look that shows off your innovative ideas.

stakeholder summaries

$50-$200/hour, $200 minimum — Advocate for your organization in an attractive one or two page document that shows off your accomplishments. Our stakeholder summaries are impactful and modern, using specialized infographics and design to emphasize your value to board members, potential investors, and other stakeholders.

group training

$200-$300/hour — Take your organization to the next level. For groups of 2 or more looking to become expert users of a Venturesome product or methodology, or to increase their professional skills in the areas of management, research, finance, analytics, or design. Commonly emphasized tools include Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher. Our lessons are customized to your specific needs, and can be conducted online or in person. 

individual instruction

$150/hour —Ideal for those needing highly advanced instruction or personalized attention to accelerate their growth in the areas of  management, research, finance, analytics, or design. Commonly emphasized tools include Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher. Lessons are customized to exactly what you need to know to succeed in the workplace, and are available online or in person.

pre-made excel tools

$150/pre-made template — Our pre-made excel tools are less complex than our models and reports, and are instead designed to help you accomplish a specific task without our active involvement. These tools are ideal for needs such as tracking program statistics, comparing actual results to budgets, forecasting cash flows, evaluating the effect of new financing on capitalization tables, and assessing the effect of pricing on contribution margins. Custom tools are subject to higher pricing.